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Geoffrey Chaucer: The Electronic Canterbury Tales

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Fragment I / Group A
The General Prologue
The Knight's Tale
The Miller's Prologue & Tale
The Reeve's Prologue & Tale
The Cook's Prologue & Tale

Fragment II / Group B1
The Man of Law's Introduction, Prologue, Tale, & Epilogue

Fragment III / Group D
The Wife of Bath's Prologue & Tale
The Friar's Prologue & Tale
The Summoner's Prologue & Tale

Fragment IV / Group E
The Clerk's Prologue & Tale
The Merchant's Prologue, Tale, & Epilogue
Fragment V / Group F
The Squire's Introduction & Tale
The Franklin's Prologue & Tale

Fragment VI / Group C
The Physician's Tale
The Pardoner's Introduction, Prologue, & Tale

Fragment VII / Group B2
The Shipman's Tale
The Prioress's Prologue & Tale
The Prologue & Tale of Sir Thopas
The Tale of Melibee
The Monk's Prologue & Tale
The Nun's Priest's Prologue,
Tale, & Epilogue

Fragment VIII / Group G
The Second Nun's Prologue & Tale
The Canon's Yeoman's Prologue & Tale

Fragment IX / Group H 
The Manciple's Prologue & Tale

Fragment X / Group I
The Parson's Prologue & Tale
The Retraction

The Electronic Canterbury Tales:
Troilus and Criseyde

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Complete Online Versions of the Canterbury Tales

The Complete Tales in Middle English at UVa (1510 kb)

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Sinan Kökbugur's hypertext, helpfully glossed Middle English edition at the Librarius Homepage

The Electronic Library Foundation's edition of the Canterbury Tales is available in a variety of formats

The Litrix Reading Room Translation of the Canterbury Tales 

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The Aberdeen On-line Bestiary

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The Nun's Priest's Tale

1.  In Middle English

The Nun's Priest's Prologue (The Knight's Interruption of the Monk's Tale), the Nun's Priest's Tale, and Epilogue at the UVa Electronic Text Center

2.  In Modern English Translation

Scott Gettman's edition of the Canterbury Tales (Electronic Literature Foundation) is accessible by individual tale & available in a variety of formats:  Middle English, Modern English, Facing Page, & Interpolated - Glossed (frames; from unknown base text).

  • Although unsuitable for formal research or college work, the ELF is the best online version for younger readers and those unfamiliar with Middle English. Easily navigable, and the Middle English glosses are very helpful.

The Litrix Reading Room translation of the Canterbury Tales features rhyming couplets.

Sinan Kökbugur's helpfully glossed hypertext Middle English rendition of the complete Canterbury Tales is available at the Librarius page. Use the Table of Contents in the left frame to click on a specific Tale, and difficult terms and phrases are glossed in the lower frame. 

Skip Knox's selection of Canterbury Tales in Modern English (Boise State) includes the Epilogue to the Nun's Priest's Tale (from an unknown base text).

3.  Historical & Cultural Backgrounds

In the Nun's Priest's Tale, Chaucer refers obliquely to "Jakke Straw and his meynee" (B2.3394), the supposed leaders of the 1381 Uprising (the Peasant's Revolt). See James N. Dean's Medieval Political Writings, part of the peerless TEAMS series, for a generous selection of interesting contemporary texts, particularly the Literature of Richard's Reign and the Peasants Revolt:

The Nun's Priest wears his great learning lightly and is a bit of a name dropper, especially when it comes to medieval philosophy (B2.4431-32).  See the entries in James Fieser's (Tennessee - Martin) Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, which contains brief but authoritative entries on medieval thinkers and topics:

See also the online Catholic Encyclopedia entries on Augustine and Boethius.

The specificity of the old woman's house and courtyard in the Nun's Priest's Tale might be illuminated by the research on Wharram Percy, a "lost medieval village" that has been the site of extensive archaeological research since 1950. See especially the details of the toft and croft of peasant homes.

4.  Sources, Analogues, & Related Texts

As a beast fable, the Nun's Priest's Tale shares an iconographic (pictorial) tradition with the images in the wonderful and whimsical Aberdeen Online Bestiary.

5.  Online Notes & Commentary

Discussion and links concerning the Nun's Priest's Prologue, Tale, and Epilogue on Larry D. Benson's superlative Geoffrey Chaucer Page (Harvard). Includes e-texts of scholarly essays, sources and ancillary texts, and capsule discussions of key issues. Some of the items related to the Nun's Priest's Tale include:

  L. Kip Wheeler offers a very nice overview of Oneiromancy and Dreams, a subject of concern in the Nun's Priest's Tale (Carson-Newman College)

6.  Online Books & Articles

A generous new online publishing venture: The University of California E-Scholarship Editions. "University of California Press now offers electronic versions of almost all of its journal titles and over 1400 books online, many of them out of print." E-journals are available to subscriber institutions; 400 full texts, many covering medieval topics, are available to the general public; the rest to members of the UC community.

A selection of Chaucer-related and medieval studies titles from the University of California related to the Nun's Priest's Tale include

Chaucer Sourcebook, from the Harvard Chaucer Page, offers a number of classic and professional essays from noted Chaucerians, including:

  • Charles Muscatine, ""The Nun's Priest's Tale," Chaucer and the French Tradition, pp. 237-43.
  • All articles on the Harvard Chaucer Page reprinted by permission.

Essays in Medieval Studies, full-text articles from the proceedings of the Illinois Medieval Association, online version edited by Allen J. Frantzen (Loyola - Chicago), including:

Increase and Multiply in the Speech Acts of Chaucer's Nun's Priest, Second Nun, and Canon's Yeoman (Frederick Martin, Tulane U), from an ongoing e-project melding critical and cultural theory & medieval studies. See Martin's e-dissertation in progress, Pilgrimage in the Age of Schism: Chaucer, Sociological Poetics, and the Canterbury Tales.

7.  Student Projects

Dene Scoggins' English 316 site (UT Austin) explores "culture, ideology, and issues of canonicity" in the Canterbury Tales, including a student developed page devoted to the Nun's Priest's Tale.

Susan Yager's English 451:  Chaucer's Poetry students (Iowa State) put together a hypertext report on the Nun's Priest's Tale in Spring 1996.

Anniina Jokkinen's Essays and Articles on Chaucer includes a number of sample student essays, of varying quality.  Like any other source, student essays must be evaluated rigorously, cited correctly, and  used responsibly. Jokkinen also compiles a number of resources by Canterbury Tale: The Nun's Priest's Tale

8.  Online Bibliography

Anniina Jokinen's excellent Annotated Bibliography to the Nun's Priest's Tale

8.  Online Bibliography

9.  Syllabi & Course Descriptions

10.  Images & Multimedia

11.  Language Helps & Audio Files

Sample audio files (.wav, .au, .aiff) from the Nun's Priest's Tale, recorded at the 9th International Congress of the New Chaucer Society, Trinity College, Dublin, 1994, are available from the Chaucer Studio (Paul Thomas, Brigham Young).

12. Potpourri

13.  The Next Step

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