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Teaching & Learning Chaucer

1.  Middle English Language 7.  Medieval Metapages: Starting Points
2.  Historical & Cultural Backgrounds 8.  Teaching Notes
3.  E-Texts: The Canterbury Tales 9.  Assignment Ideas
4.  E-Texts: Other Chaucerian Texts 10.  Teaching Chaucer in the 90s
5.  Online Bibliographies 11. newrite.gif (927 bytes) Geoffrey Chaucer Poetry Port
6.  Online Journals & Secondary E-Texts  

The Electronic Canterbury Tales
With a separate web page devoted to each tale, the Electronic Canterbury Tales is designed to bring together a variety of WWW sources suitable for teaching and studying at all grade levels.

1.  Middle English Grammar, Syntax, Vocabulary, & Pronunciation

would you like to know the most common
middle english words?
Edwin Duncan's A Basic Chaucer Glossary
would you like advanced help in middle english grammar and syntax? Larry Benson's A Glossarial DataBase of Middle English (Harvard)

would you like to see a brief overview of Chaucer's career and a easy to follow elaboration of the nuances of Middle English poetics and pronunciation?

The Introduction to Michael Murphy's modernized  Reader-Friendly Edition of the General Prologue and Four Marriage Tales. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.
looking for sound files online?
want to hear chaucer read by experts?
The Chaucer Studio Recordings (Paul Thomas, BYU)

2.   Historical and Cultural Backgrounds

what was going on in chaucer's time?
have you forgotten the names of all those politicians, plagues, papal schisms, & popular uprisings?
would you like to browse the best of all chaucer web pages, housed at harvard university, put together by the general edition
of the riverside chaucer?
Larry Benson's Geoffrey Chaucer Page:
looking for other literary or historical sources from the middle ages?
saints ancient, eastern, & western?
investigating women's history?
Paul Halsall's exemplary Internet Medieval Sourcebook (IMSB) & its significant subpages: IMSB Saints' Lives &
Women's History Sourcebook
need reliable guide to a multitude of medieval subjects, themes, concerns, & personalities? The Catholic Encyclopedia (1913), everything from Aachen & Boethius to Urban II & Zwingli
looking for a historically sound &
graphics-rich site?
Exploring Ancient World Cultures:   Medieval Europe (Univ. of Evansville)

3.   Primary E-Texts:  The Canterbury Tales

a list of all online chaucer texts? Electronic Chaucer Texts: What's Available Online?
Robinson's 1957 edition at university of virginia:  an excellent, authoritative edition The Canterbury Tales in Middle English
"librarius" site, ed. Sinan Kökbugur: helpful for reading middle english for the first time The Canterbury Tales, with Online Glossary
a modernized, "reader-friendly" edition by Michael Murphy (requires
adobe acrobat reader, a free plug-in)
The Canterbury Tales in Modern English (includes the General Prologue, plus the tales in the "marriage group":  the Wife, Clerk, Merchant, & Franklin)
from the litrix reading room,
a public domain translation in rhyme
The Canterbury Tales in Modern English
a selection by Skip Knox, boise state u. The Canterbury Tales in Translation

4.  Primary E-Texts:  Other Chaucerian Texts

edited by Barry Windeatt (longman, 1984) at the university of virginia e-text center Troilus and Criseyde in Middle English
a modernized, "reader-friendly" edition by Michael Murphy (requires adobe acrobat reader, a free plug-in) Troilus and Criseyde in Modern English
from W.W. Skeat's 1899 edition Troilus and Criseyde in Middle English
from OMACL (online medieval and classical library) at Berkeley, all in middle english from W.W. Skeat's 1899 edition The Book of the Duchess
The House of Fame
The Legend of Good Women
The Parliament of Fowles

5.   Online Bibliographies

would you like to reference a selective, annotated bibliography of Chaucer studies published between 1900-1984, summarized & cross-referenced by 90 different topics? The Essential Chaucer,
by Mark E. Allen and John H. Fisher
want to see what the scholars have said?

The Online Chaucer Bibliography, from
Mark E. Allen & Studies in the Age of Chaucer

want to see the complete annotated bibliography for a premier journal of medieval literature? The Chaucer Review:  An Indexed Bibliography, by Peter G. Beidler & Martha A. Kalnin

6.   Online Journals & Secondary E-Texts

would you like to see full-text articles from the proceedings of the illinois medieval assoc.? Essays in Medieval Studies, online ed.
by Allen J. Frantzen (Loyola-Chicago)
would you like to see online "preprints" of selected articles from the upcoming issue? Exemplaria: A Journal of Theory in Medieval and Renaissance Studies, ed. R.A. Shoaf (UFla)
Anniina Jokinen's lovely site includes primary & secondary sources The Luminarium
want to hear what the scholars are saying? Chaucernet Electronic Email Discussion Group

7.   Medieval Metapages:  Starting Points for Research

the starting point for all things medieval on the world-wide web Martin Irvine and Deborah Everhart's Labyrinth (Georgetown Univ.)
the most extensive humanities metapage Alan Liu's unparalleled Voice of the Shuttle
links on all aspects of medieval literature Voice of the Shuttle's
Anglo-Saxon & Medieval Page
a very nice collection of links, including a number of high school projects Medieval, Renaissance, Reformation:  Western Civilization - Act II (Konnilyn Feig, Foothill College)

8.  Teaching Notes (on another page)

9.  Assignment Ideas (on another page)

10.  Teaching Chaucer in the 90s (ed. Christine Rose, Portland State)

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